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Running Technique Coaching

Are you looking to improve your running? Perhaps you are aiming for a new PB, are taking on a new distance, or just want to avoid injury and keep enjoying your runs! 


Using The Running School® methodology, you will be coached by a Certified Running Technique Specialist to Move Better, Run Better and then Run Faster.  Wondering what this looks like? Scroll down to see!

What does it involve?


Initial Assessment

We start with a Biomechanical Movement Analysis (BMA) and Functional Movement Assessment FMA) to review how you are moving and running currently, and identify areas where we can  improve.


Strength, Activation, Mobility

Alongside your homework runs and DMS, you may be given strength, activation and mobility exercises to do.  These will be introduced in your sessions and will be tailored to your individual objectives.


Dynamic Movement Skills

To run better, we need to move better, and so we work on Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) to improve coordination, agility and quickness.  These feature in every session and also homework!



In between sessions you will be given a structured plan to follow with homework runs, DMS, and any agreed exercises.  Frequency will be determined by your schedule and goals


Running Technique Coaching

To introduce the new technique you will be coached on a treadmill initially, using accelerated learning methods to grasp the new movement patterns.  As you progress we refine your technique as it becomes natural.


Progress Review

At the end of your first 6 sessions we will redo your BMA to review your progress - highlighting achievements and noting any areas we can still work on to progress further.

Our Services


I had been running for about 4 years, starting on a beginners course and then running regularly 3-5 times a week.  I was keen to learn how I could improve to feel more comfortable and be more efficient so I didn't waste energy. Vic was able to highlight where I could make changes, and explained what I needed to do to improve my technique. It was like a lightbulb moment, as although running is something which we do from childhood, no one teaches you how to run. 


Vic explained the technique for all elements of running, from arms, to feet placement to posture and how to cycle the legs. Others noticed my style changing and I noticed this too, certainly in my posture, heels and arms, which I really tried to focus on. I enjoyed the combination of the DMS, strength and activation sessions and the running.  The course has been fantastic, Vic is very encouraging and positive, giving great feedback and adapting the session when needed.  I learnt so much!


The running I have done over the years has been associated with training for and playing football, rugby and hockey. I still play hockey, and hoped the running technique sessions would help with keeping fit, dynamic movement and speed. I found the sessions fascinating, harder work in respect of technique and particularly fitness than I had anticipated (which was a good thing as far as I was concerned),  very well structured and organised, enjoyable and rewarding.


I particularly enjoyed: the analysis of my running technique and the clear guidance provided about how to improve that; the dynamic movement exercises; and learning things about the physiological and mental factors associated with improving running and fitness. All the instruction was delivered in a positive, sensitive and purposeful style. It has motivated and enabled me to work on my technique, particularly with  hockey in mind but now also for some recreational running and general fitness.


I would describe myself as a fun runner! I enjoy being able to just head out for a run and have become more confident at tackling longer runs. Completing a marathon has been a recent highlight! I was hoping to overcome the plodding feeling that I can sometimes fall into and become a more efficient runner. I really enjoyed how the sessions built up over time, including speed and incline.  


Vic was very attentive and I enjoyed feeling how tweaks to my technique made a difference to my running. I never realised how important arms were to a runner until now! If I feel I'm plodding out on a run, I now say ' arms,' to myself and I can feel my posture and legs working together efficiently.  The homework was comprehensive and the perfect length of time (6 weeks) to be able to see and feel a difference.  An excellent experience, thank you for the insight into the science behind running, I found it fascinating.  

Sam (14)

I am an academy footballer and wanted to increase my speed. The course made me aware of areas I can improve in and I've already seen an improvement in my technique and speed. I loved the fact that the sessions were personalised, they felt like a really good use of time. I really enjoyed it and am going to keep going with the footwork and practising. (Sam)

We jumped at the chance for Sam to fine tune his technique as he needs all the speed he can get playing for Newtown AFC.  I was so impressed with the sessions, they were individualised, focused and produced a stunning result in 6 sessions.  The difference in Sam's technique is clear to see.  He scored a hat-trick in each of his last 2 matches and I really feel that the course has uplevelled his running and dynamic movement skills.  Thanks so much Vic! (Liz, parent)

I've been injured. Are the sessions suitable for me?

You will need to be cleared as ready to run by your physio/doctor, however as the technique is coached in short intervals this is a great way to return to running safely.  As we complete a full movement analysis before starting, we can also identify opportunities to improve strength and mobility to support your injury resilience for future! 

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