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Whether you are joining me for a class, one to one, or running coaching I want you to feel fully confident in my approach and that it's going to help you achieve your goals - and enjoy the process! So here's an overview of my background, and if you want to chat further about how I can help you feel free to get in touch. 


In my pre-Pilates life, I worked in Retail Visual Merchandising - creating and implementing store layouts and guidelines for high street brands.  It was whilst working in the US I discovered Reformer Pilates, which having practiced Mat Pilates for years added a new layer of challenge!

I found running shortly after, when returning to the UK I joined a weekly bootcamp to make new friends.  To support one who had secured a London marathon spot, a few of us started attending the run sessions... and the rest is history! After cheering her on, we all promptly signed up for one the following year.

It was then I discovered 2 things - firstly that years of Pilates had been the ideal preparation for taking up running, and secondly that I was inspired to learn more about why this was to share with everyone else!



I am certified with STOTT Pilates in Matwork and Reformer Pilates, a school I chose due to their international reputation and focus on mindful movement. The training (and exams!) were rigorous but gave me a great grounding in anatomy and biomechanics which I've build on since with further study.


I then completed additional training with APPI (Australian Institute of Physiotherapy and Pilates), in Pilates for Runners, and Pilates for Cyclists.  This deepened my understanding of common injuries, and knowledge of how to tailor exercises for maximum relevance to the functional movements of both sports - thereby both increasing performance and injury resilience.

Following my Pilates education, I became a Certified Running Technique Specialist with The Running School - enabling me to coach others to both improve performance and injury resilience.  On a personal level this also helped me improve my own marathon times and run even longer distances - which has been an added bonus!  I also hold a Coach in Running Fitness license with England Athletics, and am a proud Shropshire Shuffler.   



You've probably guessed Pilates and Running feature highly in my 'interests'...  

Specifically with running, I love trails - woodland, hills, and the occasional mountain!  I enjoy the slower pace of longer distances, finding a rhythm and taking time to appreciate your surroundings.  I also love the social aspect of planning a run with friends, and the coffee, cake, or drinks afterwards! I'm delighted to have made and introduced so many new friends through the events and groups I now lead.  If I'm not running, you'll often find me walking somewhere scenic with my spaniel, Albie - we're both generally much happier outside than in!

Lastly, I'm interested in YOU! I really enjoy meeting and chatting to new people, and in this line of work discovering how we can work together to stay healthy, active, and continue doing the things we love to do.  If I can help introduce you to some new activites and friends along the way, then even better!

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